BDA/Dorot Farm Announces Partnership Expansion With New Farms
by BDA/ Dorot Farm
Posted: 2017-10-17 09:12:01 EST

BDA #1 Carrot Growers Group has announced their expansion with various farms around the world.

BDA has announced that there is a high demand for our “fresh and sweet” carrots. Directly, from farm to table.

Ami Ben-Dror CEO of BDA states, that “we will continue to follow our customers wants and needs of fresh and sweet carrots directly from farm to table.”

Ami Ben Dror also mentions that “the PMA will be a great place to meet our customers and expose some of our new products and plans.”

BDA Farm #1 Carrots Growers Group supplies fresh and sweet around the world— Jumbo carrots, cello carrots, to food service companies, processors and supermarket chains.

Source: BDA/ Dorot Farm