DuPak Inc. Introduces New Look And Feel To Industry With Rebrand
by DuPak Inc.
Posted: 2017-10-17 09:12:01 EST

OAKVILLE, Ontario – Leading innovator in flexible, fresh produce packaging DuPak Inc. is proud to announce the unveiling of the company’s updated branding with a new logo and refreshed design aesthetic. These recent rebranding efforts are an extension of DuPak’s commitment to continually evolve and improve their business as they seek ways to better serve their customers in the fresh produce industry.

“While we have been very focused on enhancements to our product offerings and service capabilities, it was time to turn our attention to our marketing presence,” said Duke Yu, CEO of DuPak Inc. “We want to ensure that the look and feel of our brand aesthetic best reflects who our business is today and the level of quality that our customers have come to expect from us.” 

As DuPak embarks on its 15th year in business serving a wide range of industries with flexible packaging solutions, the signature stand-up pouches continue to be at the forefront of their business. The recently patented stand-up pouches are used by several leading fresh produce brands and continue to provide creative solutions that loyal customers have grown accustom to.  

Attention to detail and commitment to quality continues to be the focus of the brand’s promise, DuPak strives to evoke a sense of confidence with customers looking for reliable, durable and beautiful packaging solutions. For more information, please visit www.dupak.com. For business inquiries, please email info@dupak.com

About DuPak Inc. 

DuPak Inc. ensures personalized service and recommendations for all clients based on their industry and packaging needs. From design to development, printing, packaging, delivery, & worldwide logistics, our team has the knowledge, skill, experience, and capability to do it all, in-house. Our 360 degree services allow for quicker turnaround times and tighter budgets. From conception to delivery, brands depend on DuPak Inc. to provide superior service and packaging solutions for produce, dairy, dry goods, and more.

Source: DuPak Inc.