Montpellier: Too Good To Be True
by Anthura B.V.
Posted: 2017-10-20 16:02:01 EST

The Phalaenopsis orchid has a very large number of varieties available on the market. Considering the broad genetic basis in terms of colour, pattern and shape of the flowers, this is not surprising. If a new variety wants to stand out among all the other varieties, it has to distinguish itself from the rest in one way or another. This is not always an easy task due to the tough competition between varieties.

Yet we succeeded once more in launching a new variety onto the market that has that little extra something. Montpellier is such a variety! Montpellier already stood out during the selection stage in the showroom and has completed its way to the final in a brilliant way.

Describing the appearance of Montpellier is not simple; it is the full picture that makes the variety so special. The most striking feature of the plant is the eye-catching colour of the Burgundy red flowers with a subtle white edge, which makes Montpellier one of a kind, transcending all the other red plants in the assortment.

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