New Brand Creates Ingredient Solutions For Tortilla Manufacturers
by Panhandle Milling
Posted: 2017-10-25 15:40:11 EST

Dawn, Texas — Panhandle Milling has been making waves in the milling industry and their new brand is no exception. The Phoenix brand, which will consist of a line of flour and bakery mixes, just launched its first product. The new Phoenix Tortilla Mix will provide tortilla manufacturers with consistent tortilla production as the mix has all the ingredients carefully measured and mixed, eliminating guess work during production.

Phoenix Tortilla Mix is a new “complete” mix that simplifies ingredient sourcing and increases efficiency for tortilla producers. Rather than sourcing ingredients and managing inventory in addition to the demands of running a tortillaria, manufacturers can rely on Phoenix Tortilla Mix to simplify their supply chain and focus on innovation. The mix is manufactured by Panhandle Milling’s one-of-a-kind blending facility. The facility boasts the only mixer in the nation that can blend up to 25% liquid oil or fat into a dry mix.

“Phoenix Tortilla Mix is a complete mix designed with simplicity in mind, both in preparation and in the simple, clean flavor reminiscent of traditional home-prepared tortillas.  Panhandle Milling knows wheat – how to source it, mill it, and use the resulting flour to deliver consistent, high quality bakery mixes, like Phoenix Tortilla Mix,” Director R&D, Elizabeth Arndt.


Panhandle Milling is the parent company for a family of flour and grain based brands and businesses. Headquartered in Dawn, Texas, Panhandle Milling specializes in flour, grains, bakery mixes and private label manufacturing.

Source: Panhandle Milling