Fat Replacers Market 2017-2022 - Focus On Bakery
by Research & Markets
Posted: 2017-10-31 15:41:29 EST

The Fat Replacers Market is Estimated at USD 1.48 Billion in 2017, And is Projected to Reach USD 2.01 Billion By 2022 at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2017

The market is driven by factors such as health & wellness concerns and increase in rate of obesity. Compliance with international standards and regulations for food ingredients are the major factors restraining the growth of the fat replacers market.

Fat replacers play an important role in the bakery & confectionery industry. Consumers in developed regions such as North America and Europe have become increasingly conscious about leading a healthy lifestyle. This trend has led to the reduction of fat content in bakery & confectionery products, leading to the demand for fat replacers. Protein-based fat replacers are widely used in bakery & confectionery products. Thus, increased usage of protein-based fat replacers is expected to help the fat replacers market grow in the bakery & confectionery industry.

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