Markus Candinas & Voegeli Farms Present Yodelay Yogurt
Posted: 2017-11-01 15:26:36 EST

Morning breakfast just got a little tastier thanks to Markus Candinas and Voegeli Farms.

Sparked from a childhood memory, Markus started crafting Swiss-style yogurt. 

"I would say when I was six years old, my earliest memory, we went to Switzerland, and I experienced yogurt," co-founder of Yodelay Yogurt Markus Candinas said. "And yogurt was one of those things we got every day." 

Years ago dairy farmer Howard Voegeli talked about making yogurt or cheese using milk from the family's Brown Swiss cows. So when his son Bryan had the opportunity to work with Markus to create a Swiss-style yogurt, he jumped at the chance! 

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