Pastryclub's Open Kitchen: Seeing The Baking Sells
by Puratos Taste Tomorrow
Posted: 2017-11-02 15:48:39 EST

‘Wow!’ is often the initial reaction of new customers at Pastryclub in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). “Everyone is so enthusiastic about our concept, it’s totally unique,” says pastry designer Jurgen Koens. “We do all our work in full view of the customers. Production starts right behind the counter. We use high-quality ingredients and we prepare everything ourselves. I have nothing to hide, on the contrary I’m extremely proud of what we do!”

Total transparency

The centrepiece in any bakery should be the oven. Our Taste Tomorrow study revealed that an open oven concept has a magnetic appeal that consumers find impossible to resist: it effortlessly communicates the idea of freshness, it exudes an irresistible aroma and it triggers people to buy more baked goods. Pastryclub has given this insight an original twist. Its open production and open storage creates a totally transparent concept. Koens: “Because our kitchen is completely open, it’s so obvious everything we bake is fresh that we don’t need to make any additional effort to convey the experience of freshness.”

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