Did You Know Orlando Has An Amazing Artisan Bakery District?
by A.D. Thompson, USA Today
Posted: 2017-11-03 15:03:15 EST

Folks have long touted food-centric walking tours as a nice way to burn off the sampling calories, but we’ll tell it to you straight: unless you’re planning to finish the Iron Man within 24 hours of your visit, you won’t be burning off even a fraction of what you’ll want to consume on a stroll through Orlando’s Artisan Bakery District.

But seriously, who cares?

This theme-park capital is becoming increasingly known for its phenomenal dining scene and the Audubon Park Garden District is a wonderful example of its grass-roots growth.

"It’s kind of by chance, but also not by chance," says Jennifer Marvel, executive director of the Audubon Park Garden District. Marvel cites a weekly local food market as contributing to the area’s genesis a few years back, along with a few burgeoning businesses that are still around today. 

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