'Ugly' Fruits And Vegetables Home Delivery Service Coming To Chicago
by Bill Daley, Chicago Tribune
Posted: 2017-11-07 08:59:53 EST

Beauty is only skin deep, especially with fruits and vegetables that can be delicious no matter what they look like. But most Americans have been reluctant to swallow so-called ugly foods to such a degree that the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates some 30 to 40 percent of the nation’s food supply is going to waste.

Looking to turn that trend around in the Chicago area come Dec. 4 is a San Francisco-based company called Imperfect, which seeks to save scorned produce from an ignominious end and help home cooks trim 30 to 50 percent off their fruit and vegetable bills.

Imperfect was launched 2 years ago in San Francisco and branched out to Los Angeles in January, Portland, Ore., in August and Seattle just last week. Now the home delivery service is coming to Chicago.

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