Seald Sweet Prepares For New Growth Hiring VP Of Business Development Kelly Dietz
by Greenyard
Posted: 2017-11-10 09:11:04 EST

Vero Beach, FL USA – Seald Sweet International announced a newly appointed position to their sales and marketing teams today. Industry veteran, Kelly Dietz joined the company effective October 17, 2017, in the position of Vice President of Business Development, with focus on growth of the company’s fresh produce sales and marketing programs.

Dietz joined the Seald Sweet team bringing her tenure of over 25 years of experience in the produce industry. During her career, Dietz has become well-established in domestic and imported produce programs, with a focus on key retail, foodservice and wholesale account development.

tenure“I am very excited to be a part of the Seald Sweet team, says Ms. Dietz. “The company’s reputation for quality and service in the industry spans over 100 years and is a solid foundation for our strategic vision for the future.”

Dietz’s tenured experience brings new depth to the company with the recent expansion into additional commodities, such as vegetables from Mexico and Seald Sweet’s sister company Greenyard Logistics’ new cold storage and packing facility in the northeast US.

“We are eager to welcome new talent to our team and look forward to the success and opportunities Kelly brings to our company through her experience in the industry,” says Mayda Sotomayor, CEO of Seald Sweet. “As we grow, Kelly will be instrumental in the further development of our sales programs. We look forward to the growth she brings to our team and company.”

About Seald Sweet

Seald Sweet was founded in 1909 as a Florida citrus grower cooperative. In 1998, Seald Sweet merged with Greenyard, formerly known as UNIVEG, transforming the company to a global marketer through their international network of companies. Today Seald Sweet is a leading supplier of the citrus category and grapes, apples, pears and more through their global network of companies and partners.

About Greenyard

Greenyard (Euronext Brussels: GREEN) is a global market leader of fresh, frozen and prepared fruit & vegetables, flowers, plants and growing media. Developing extensive global partnerships with our growers enables us to offer an exceptionally wide range of high quality fresh produce to our customers, which are the majority of the key retailers within Europe. We work closely with our customers to continually meet and exceed their needs and expectations; our drive in industry leading packaging, promotional and product innovation helps us grow together in a mutually sustainable way. We are proud to serve as our customer’s direct connection to the field.

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