Capitalize On California Citrus
by Frieda’s Inc.
Posted: 2017-11-13 09:08:47 EST

Los Alamitos, CA – California citrus season is underway, and Frieda’s Specialty Produce offers selling solutions and a suite of products for a successful winter citrus program.

“Frieda’s is bringing on more citrus growers each season to increase our volume and variety of products,” said Alex Jackson Berkley, senior account manager at Frieda’s. “Not only are we able to offer a reliable source of supply, we are also able to provide solutions for easy selling at the retail level.”

Frieda’s offers a special program set for January through March, featuring top sellers such as “adorable”kumquats, key limes, and Meyer, pink, and seedless lemons in easy-to-merchandise pouches. Along withblood and Cara Cara oranges, mandarin varieties, pummelos, and Ugli®/uniq fruit, Frieda’s has a line of unique citrus items like Buddha’s Hand citron, sweet limes, limequats, and calamondin (calamansi) that are growing in popularity in the culinary world.

“Citrus is a category that provides inspiration for consumers during the winter months,” says Berkley. “With a limited season and many options, you can keep consumers on their toes with citrus.”

Call Frieda’s account managers today to pre-book and plan your winter citrus program.

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Source: Frieda’s Inc.