Barry Callebaut: Mapping The Source Of Our Sustainable Ingredients
by Barry Callebaut Group
Posted: 2017-11-28 15:15:25 EST

Barry Callebaut has committed to having 100% sustainable ingredients in all products by 2025, as part of the Forever Chocolate strategy. To make our progress visible, we created a sustainable source map.

Transparency is key to a sustainable supply chain, which is why we’re creating more ways to highlight our partners and own programs around the globe from whom we source sustainable ingredients. One of these ways is via our newly launched source map to highlight the origins from which we currently source sustainable ingredients. The map gives our customers a peek into some of the many sustainability programs and people behind the production of our sustainable raw materials.

Take a journey to view origins and ingredients such as cocoa, nuts, vanilla, dairy, sugar, palm oil, and more via our sustainable source map. Learn about the farmers behind the sustainable production of our key ingredients, immerse yourself in virtual reality highlighting the magnificent adventure behind sustainable cocoa and nut production, see films and images, and read testimonials from some of our participating farmers. Most importantly, get a better view of the programs we are working on to ensure a sustainable supply chain.

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