Is Flowerbook Becoming The Must-Have Tool For All Floral Professionals?
by Florint
Posted: 2017-11-28 15:17:31 EST

In October 2014 Flowerbook launched the world’s first app that offers an insight into the assortment of cut flowers that is available in the industry. In the almost 3 years since, the company has kept improving itself and established a solid and growing user base. However, as always in this industry, the work is never done.

The app: helpful and accurate

The app is focused on providing correct information about all its listed products, a difficult task. “We work together with breeders, growers, exporters and florists so we can improve the accuracy of our database”, mentions Robin Hesselberth co-founder of Flowerbook. “We are open to working with any party that can help us improve the assortment in our application”.

What does the app offer, exactly? Around 7000 products are sorted by product (sub-)group. All flowers have their own product page: these pages have all the info on it that you might need. That includes a high-quality photo, availability, care tips and, if the grower applied, where to buy these flowers.

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