Food Marketing Wiz Is Making Lunch Meats Cool
by Josh Kosman, NY Post
Posted: 2017-11-29 16:06:15 EST

Joe Ennen has discovered a way to turn salami into gold — and he’s using a marketing pitch that spins millennials.

Ennen — with 20 years in the food business, including stops at the Safeway grocery chain and at Frito-Lay — was tapped nearly three years ago by Columbus Foods, a sleepy, San Francisco meat producer.

Columbus’s wares included a salami brand that, despite being almost 100 years old, was hardly distinguishable from scores of other labels on grocer shelves.

For Ennen — a marketing genius who helped make Doritos a hit with the 17-to-35-year-old set — the century-old sausage was packed with possibilities.

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