Holiday Season Is Especially Sweet For Racine's Kringle Bakers
by Jay Jones, Chicago Tribune
Posted: 2017-11-30 15:48:49 EST

In America’s Dairyland — where legislators have proclaimed milk, not beer, the official state beverage — it’s only right that the officially anointed pastry, the kringle, contains plenty of butter.

“We’re from Wisconsin and we love our butter here,” said Matt Horton of O&H Danish Bakery. “That is one thing that creates the tenderness and flakiness of the pastry.”

For the uninitiated, kringles consist of dozens of layers of incredibly-thin pastry infused with often-creative, always-flavorful fillings. Originally made in Denmark in the mid-19th century, the tradition carries on in the New World in Racine, a southeast Wisconsin city that Danish immigrants called Little Copenhagen.

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