Sun Valley Group: Flowers With Personality For Valentine's Day 2018
by Sun Valley Group
Posted: 2017-11-30 15:50:16 EST

We know you are thinking "Holiday Flowers" right now, but it's also time to take a moment to start planning for Valentine's Day. You can now Pre-Book your Valentine's Day needs, so take a look at your price list.

This week we will highlight an article in this month's Produce News featuring Sun Valley, as well as our friends at Resendez Bros. 

"Consumers want flowers with personality for Valentine's Day" 

For Valentine’s Day 2018, consumers from Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z will be looking for flowers with a different persona than Baby Boomers. These buyers aren’t set in tradition and they don’t buy the same flowers every time they walk into a floral department. They like to explore while making their own creations; they like their flowers to speak to the uniqueness of their relationship, and not stand on ceremony.

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