New CDC Report On Produce Consumption: Still Only 1 In 10 Eat Enough
by Alliance for Food and Farming
Posted: 2017-12-01 08:59:51 EST

According to a new study issued by the Centers for Disease Control, consumption of fruits and vegetables continues to be stagnant with only one in 10 Americans eating enough on a daily basis.  You may not have heard about the CDC announcement because this is yet another government report that surprisingly received little media coverage.

The CDC report, which broke out groups of Americans by state, income, race and gender, found some subgroups were even less likely to eat enough produce.  Men, young adults and people living in poverty all had especially low rates of fruit and vegetable intake.

“The study confirms years of data demonstrating that Americans do not eat their veggies,” said Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition and food studies at New York University, in the Guardian.  “Assuming this result is close to reality, it suggests the need for taking much stronger action to make it easier and cheaper to eat fruits and vegetables.”

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