P.E.I’s Spring Lobster Fishermen In Favor Of Size Increase
by The Journal Pioneer
Posted: 2017-12-04 17:14:17 EST

The president of the Western Gulf Fishermen’s Association says he’s confident Prince Edward Island’s spring lobster fisheries will have a one-millimeter increase in the minimum carapace length in 2018.

Francis Morrissey, who is also a member of the Lobster Fishery Area 24 Lobster Advisory Committee was basing his optimism on the results of surveys the LFA 24 and LFA 26A Lobster Advisory Committees mailed out to their members this fall. Those results were recently posted on the P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association website showing that 62 per cent of respondents in the eastern end of the province, LFA 26A are in favour of a one millimeter increase in 2018 and another millimeter increase in 2020 and that 58 per cent of the LFA 24 respondents are in favour of a millimeter increase in the spring of 2018.

That would put the carapace measure to 73 mm. Prince Edward Island’s fall fishermen were fishing a 75-mm lobster this year and are scheduled to have a 77-mm minimum measure next year.

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