Potatoes USA In-Store Display Banners Are Available For Retailers Nationwide
by Potatoes USA
Posted: 2017-12-18 09:07:10 EST

Potatoes USA developed a variety of in-store display merchandise to elevate potato promotions for retailers throughout the U.S. These banners highlight the versatility and convenience of potatoes. The elegantly designed displays showcase mouthwatering potato dishes on a slate background and utilize an eye-catching potato font.  This unique typeface will be used to engage retailers and connect with consumers throughout the campaign. The design also highlights a “U.S. Grown” seal, which has been trending as more and more retailers are promoting local and U.S. produce.

Research1/ shows that consumer basket sizes are, on average, nearly 2x larger when fresh potatoes are in the basket and nearly 2.2x larger with frozen potatoes are included; the highest of all adjacent produce categories. This makes potatoes the number one vegetable in weekly volume sales per store.  Potatoes USA is committed to helping retailers increase their bottom lines with strategic produce selections, store placement and in-store promotions.

These designs are now available to retailers nationwide to be displayed in strategic, high-traffic areas of the produce department to increase potato demand, sales and volume.  For more information, contact Ross Johnson at ross@potatoesusa.com.

1/Source: Nielsen Perishables Group FreshFacts®; Total Produce Database; 52 weeks ending 12/31/16.

Source: Potatoes USA