Orca Bay Foods: We Are Golden With Golden King Crab
by Orca Bay Foods
Posted: 2017-12-18 15:28:41 EST

The latest on Golden King Crab (formerly referred to as Brown King Crab): Earlier this year a federal law made changes to labeling requirements for what was formerly known as “Brown King Crab”. According to Section 774 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017, “Golden King Crab” has been established as the new acceptable market name for this species (Lithodes aequispina).

We got you covered: Orca Bay's Quality Assurance team has been monitoring the new regulations. As many of you may have noticed, we’ve already begun updating our labels and packaging to reflect these changes. FDA is allowing a transitional period and will not take enforcement measures on anything labeled “Brown King Crab” until January 2020, but you can expect to see all of our product labeled as “Golden King Crab” well before then.

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Source: Orca Bay Foods