Royal FloraHolland Members Agree On New Rates
by Royal FloraHolland
Posted: 2017-12-18 15:27:45 EST

The members of Royal FloraHolland have voted in favour of the new rates and contribution for 2018. CFO Steven van Schilfgaarde emphasised that the rates proposal is the product of extensive consultation with the members.

Prior to the vote, there was a heated discussion among the members and between the members and the management board. The result of the vote was 73% in favour of accepting the proposal.

Our calculationtool gives you insight into what the change will mean for you as a supplier. You enter your sales details, and the outcome presents an estimate of your current rate and the rate according to the new proposal. This will give you an idea of the impact of this new membership and rate structure so you can evaluate it.

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