Floral Varieties With Significant Growth Potential
by Produce Marketing Association (PMA)
Posted: 2017-12-26 15:45:34 EST

Like wearable fashion, the floral industry acts and reacts based on factors as observable as global economics and buying patterns to those as fleeting as what’s trending on Instagram.

And while it’s impossible to know exactly what varieties will catch the floral consumer’s fancy over the coming five years, there are current trends that can offer suggestions about how wholesalers and retailers can plan ahead.

A few major contributors are behind this look forward. First, millennial consumers have created a shift in the market to providing the building blocks for new and different home arrangements. According to PMA research, these consumers are highly influenced by both social media and a DIY aesthetic (often fed, hand-in-glove, by image-centric sites like Pinterest and Instagram). They want to recreate in their own homes what they see portrayed on the screens of their devices and require the basic elements to do so. Floral wholesalers and retailers are challenged with keeping up and providing those ingredients.

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