Oregon Coast Crabbing Closure Impacts The Industry
by Nicholas A. Johnson, Bandon Western World
Posted: 2018-01-04 15:58:37 EST

CHARLESTON — In the middle of a parking lot on the Charleston Marina, a large square of crab pots sits six pots high and 12 wide. Fisheries and fishermen alike are geared up for the commercial crabbing season that has been pushed back to Jan. 15.

The season, which normally starts on Dec. 1, was pushed back because crab caught for testing didn’t have full shells of meat.

“People look forward to having crab on New Year’s and Christmas, and we missed all of that … without crab by the first of the year what will happen is there will be a lot of crab coming in here in two weeks and we’ll have to buy it with the thought in mind that it has to go in the freezer,” Hallmark Fisheries Plant Manager Scott Adams said.

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