Name That Rose App Gets A New Update
by Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, Inc.
Posted: 2018-01-05 15:32:53 EST

The Name That Rose application, developed by Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, Inc., has received a new update for 2018 filled with a fresh interface and many new rose varieties. This free update has exciting, new features to enhance user’s gaming experience on their way to becoming a rose variety expert. 

“Fans of the Name That Rose game are going to love this new update!” said Ryan Black, creator and designer of the Name That Rose game application, and marketing director for Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, Inc. 

Over 100 additional roses and garden roses have been added to the Name That Rose game for endless playtime. Players can now unlock and collect over 250 rose cards for the ultimate, pocket-sized, rose reference guide; which includes the rose’s image, the countries of origin, available stem length, and the average vase-life. Directly from the Rose Cards, players can save and share roses images on their mobile device, as well as learn where to buy them. 

Along with the new Rose Cards update, the Name That Rose game app also received a stylish user interface packed with new sound effects and updated graphics for a more fulfilling game experience. Once users are ready to suspend a game, they can submit their high score for a chance to win real-life prizes such as Jet Fresh t-shirts, a free box of roses, or even an official Name That Rose trophy. Name That Rose’s new High Score Leaderboard displays the top ten scores from players around the world competing for the ultimate bragging rights in the flower industry. 

The Name That Rose game is a fast-paced, trivia-style, multiple-choice application where players must identify rose varieties correctly in order to achieve higher scores. This one-player game is designed to encourage rose enthusiasts to correctly identity roses by name in order to be accessed in the Rose Cards reference guide. Every rose that is correctly identified will be unlocked and saved for continued reference and progress, on their way to unlocking them all.

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, Inc., wholesale flower distributor and importer, created the Name That Rose game in 2016 to help flower buyers and sellers increase their rose variety knowledge, and to learn more about rose varieties they've never seen or heard before. With an abundance of roses and garden roses bred worldwide, and available at Jet Fresh, Jet Fresh Flowers needed a tool that is educational but also helpful for learning as many roses as possible. 

“Gamification is one of the best new ways to teach quickly and effectively,” said Black. 

Gamification is the process of taking traditional content and integrating it with game mechanics. Studies have shown that this creates a more fun and interactive approach to learning which, in turn, leads to better retention and faster learning. 

According to a survey conducted by Talent LMS, almost 80% of learners say that they would be more productive if their university/institution or work was more game-like. (Talent LMS) Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, Inc. is applying this philosophy to encourage greater productivity and growth. 

“We believe the Name That Rose app is the ultimate tool for learning about roses in the modern era,” said Black. In the United States alone, there are 183 million active gamers, and those gamers play an average of 13 hours a week. (Ryan Jenkins)

“Name That Rose is a great way to encourage a new generation of rose experts while, at the same time, educating and inspiring people who’ve been in the industry for many years,” Black. 

Name That Rose is available for free download in the Apple Store and Google Play.

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Source: Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, Inc.