Here's The Real Reason Costco Will Never Stop Selling $4.99 Rotisserie Chicken
by Brad Tuttle, Time
Posted: 2018-01-08 15:42:04 EST

It’s no mystery why consumers have a huge appetite for rotisserie chicken deals at Costco and other major supermarket chains.

Costco’s beloved seasoned and precooked rotisserie chickens are famously priced at only $4.99 each, giving customers a tasty option that’s cheaper and healthier than fast food. In an age when people constantly complain about being too busy to prepare meals and eat as a family, you can feel good about picking up a rotisserie chicken and “cooking”—or at least serving it at home—instead of hitting a restaurant or ordering more takeout.

But why is Costco willing to keep rotisserie chicken prices so cheap? Customers are often puzzled why the price of uncooked chicken breasts is higher than a fully prepared, ready-to-eat chicken. What’s more, Costco says it regularly “eats” upwards of $40 million annually in profits because it hasn’t raised rotisserie chicken prices in years.

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