Heritage-Breed Meat - Food Trends Will Heat Up Sales In 2018
by National Restaurant Association
Posted: 2018-01-10 16:01:01 EST

Doughnuts with nontraditional fillings, globally inspired kids’ meals and Peruvian cuisine are just some of the hot trends catching fire in 2018. We asked 700 professional chefs to tell us which foods would heat up sales. Here are nine to savor:

1. Doughnuts with nontraditional filling
When we think of doughnuts, we tend to conjure up images of glazed treats filled with vanilla cream. But in 2018, more creative options abound. How does a cheesecake-stuffed doughnut, topped with raspberry jam, sound? Yep, that’s what we’re talking about.

2. Ethnic-inspired kids’ dishes
Restaurant operators understand that kids today are more sophisticated and adventurous about the food they eat and will try global-inspired dishes when they dine out. Everything from noodle dishes to chicken tikka masala to fish tacos are on the menu.

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