Seafood Businesses Clear Shallow End In Port Arthur Approval Process
by David Ball, Port Arthur News
Posted: 2018-01-12 15:50:33 EST

The Port Arthur Economic Development Corp. this week approved a letter of intent from Tx. Blue Crab Co. to move from Bridge City to Port Arthur, setting itself up for some financial advantages. Now all that remains is approval from the Port Arthur City Council.

Owner Nikki Tran has run the business in Bridge City for nearly 10 years. She wants to move it under the Rainbow Bridge near the Orange County-Jefferson County line. The company is requesting a $159,000 conditional grant from PAEDC to complete its new building in Port Arthur and fully equip it.

Tran said the company would set up retail and wholesale operations at the new site. She grew up in Port Arthur and said she always wanted to come home.

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