Early Spring 2018 Events For Greenhouse, Nursery And Christmas Tree Growers
by Heidi Lindberg, Michigan State University Extension
Posted: 2018-01-15 15:57:02 EST

Greenhousenursery and Christmas tree growers have the opportunity to participate in numerous events hosted by Michigan State University Extension during the winter and spring of 2018. The topics of the sessions vary widely to appeal to all greenhouse, nursery and Christmas tree growers.

Grower operations of all sizes and types will benefit from the worker protection standards (WPS) and respirator fit-testing meetings to learn how to comply with the updated Environmental Protection Agency WPS requirements. Wholesale growers will benefit from the Managing Substrate pH, Winter Nursery Meeting and Sustainable Christmas Tee and Nursery Productionprograms. Garden retailers will especially benefit from the Marketing Boot Camp, held in Novi, Michigan. Register today for these exciting events!

2018 Worker Protection Standards and Respirator Fit-Testing Meetings

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