10 X Hot & Sweet Concepts In The USA
by Taste Tomorrow / Puratos
Posted: 2018-01-17 16:00:14 EST

Travelling the world is always inspiring. In this article, Taste Tomorrow takes you to the United States of America and visits unique concepts in bread, chocolate and pastry. Get inspired by these hot and sweet concepts in the USA!

Bakery Nouveau -Seattle, Washington

The pastries, chocolates and breads sold at Bakery Nouveau are a feast for the senses. Having been voted Best Bakery four years in a row, William Leaman’s Bakery Nouveau has become a Seattle icon. People make special trips to West Seattle or Capitol Hill to experience the charm of Bakery Nouveau.

Cocanú - Portland, Oregon

Cocanú was founded to experiment, discover, and communicate the flavour diversity of cacao beyond a conventional chocolate standard. And they succeeded in that mission. Their chocolates have exciting names like Holy Wood, Picasso and Moon Walk and unconventional ingredients such as Palo Santo, cayenne and pop rocks. Getting curious already?

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