Grass-Fed Beef Loses Its Luster
by Ronald Holden, Forbes
Posted: 2018-01-18 15:50:46 EST

Love, they say, is as perennial as the grass. But the grass, ah, that's not so simple; grass can be anything from wheat to bamboo. In Oregon, where I grew up, grass seed is worth over $300 million a year to the state's economy. I used to chuckle at the fact that Oregon had a Red Fescue Commission, but it's no joke.

Oregon is the world’s largest producer of cool-season forage seed, but grass seed producers can no longer set fire to their fields after harvest to control pests. Instead, they use chemicals to to "rejuvenate" the soil and rid it of pests, so it can regrow the seeds. Detractors say the toxic chemicals find their way into the grass itself.

Says "American industry has polluted the environment to the point that the bazillion species of grass growing everywhere from Texas prairie lands to the Great Plains are morphing into nutritionless clumps of sodlike matter."

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