Canadian Agriculture & Agri-Food Industry Supports Continuation Of NAFTA
by Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA)
Posted: 2018-01-19 09:04:09 EST

Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industry supports the modernization of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) provided it upholds fair and free principles, preserves integrated supply chains across the continent. We urge negotiators to conclude negotiations as soon as possible for the stability of businesses across North America.

NAFTA has proven to be successful for the agriculture industry in Canada and North America. Thanks in large part to NAFTA, Canada exports over $31 billion worth of agriculture and agri-food products to the U.S. and Mexico every year and between the three countries, agricultural trade is over $85 billion combined. Since NAFTA was signed twenty three years ago, North American agricultural trade has quadrupled.

The modernization of NAFTA presents new opportunities for agriculture and agri-food exporters. Specifically, Canada’s agriculture industry supports a modernized and harmonized regulatory framework under NAFTA which enables rational science-based systems to support free flowing trade. Modern biotech policies are an example of forward thinking trade enabling rules forming the foundation for a new global standard for commodity trade to the benefit of both countries as international importer/exporters.

Industry is keen to continue working with Canadian negotiators and partners in Mexico and the U.S. to ensure that a modernized NAFTA is successful and creates an environment where North American agriculture and agri-food trade continues to thrive for generations to come. Sources: Stats Canada 

Source: CPMA