Interplant Roses Presents Candy Flow Roses
by Interplant Roses
Posted: 2018-01-23 15:26:18 EST

A brand new year is ahead of us and Interplant is ready to fullfil its goals for 2018. Our company key words Mission, Innovation and Growth are always our guideline in performance.

We proudly present our latest developments and show you Candy Flow®. This variety belongs to a new type of rose family that goes beyond the traditional rose: the Flows. The chosen varietal name, Flow, alludes to the very special and unique flower shape with ruffled petals and refers to the impression of flowing movement as the bloom matures. As the name reveals, Candy Flow has a bright pink colour. It has a medium production level and a stemlength of 40 - 60 cm.

Secondly shown is Ivory Flow®, also member of the Flows. Trendy ivory-white coloured and a vaselife of 10 - 12 days. 

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