Young’s Seafood Wants You To Rethink Your Fish Game
by Young’s Seafood Limited
Posted: 2018-01-23 15:28:27 EST

GRIMBSY, England-- Grimsby, England-based, Young’s Seafood, is bringing an authentic taste of the British Chip Shop stateside. The company is inspiring Americans to re-think fish with seven frozen fish dishes hitting stores in the U.S. this week. This is the first-time American shoppers will have access to a brand of seafood with a 200-year heritage.

In fact, Young’s Seafood is the number one seafood brand in the U.K., and let’s face it, they know a thing or two about fish and chips across the pond.

Young’s Seafood products are made with succulent, sustainably sourced fish wrapped in a delicious crispy coating with less sodium and fewer simple carbohydrates. Shoppers will taste the Young’s difference.

“We’re rolling out seven, British-inspired, delicious fish dishes that we believe are better than anything on the market today,” said Nick Munday, international director, Young’s Seafood. “With more fish, less salt, and less carbohydrates, we’re delivering something that’s been missing from the frozen fish aisles in the U.S. and we believe shoppers will be surprised when they taste the difference.”

Products will be available nationwide at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Martin’s Foods, Stop & Shop, Giant and Peapod.

Whether customers are seeking authentic British fish and chips or a restaurant quality meal, Young’s Seafood delivers, and at great value with all items coming in at less than $7. The range includes: Crispy Battered Cod Fillet & Chips, Wild Caught Cod Fillets in Beer Batter, Wild Caught Haddock Fillets in Crispy Batter, kid’s favorite Flipper Dippers and Wild Caught Chunky Cod Sticks in light tempura batter.

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Young’s Seafood Limited is the U.K.’s leading supplier of frozen and chilled fish and seafood. Through a partnership with US-based Fishin’ Company, Young’s Seafood is now available in the U.S. at major retailers. With its award winning Fish for Life program on responsible sourcing, Young’s is committed to ensuring that great quality fish is accessible to all, now and for generations to come. For over 200 years, Young’s has been making great seafood simple and delicious.

Source: Young’s Seafood Limited