Maine Leases Four Acres Of Water Off Islesboro To Mussel-Growing Venture
by Lynda Clancy, Penobscot Bay Pilot
Posted: 2018-01-25 16:23:52 EST

ISLESBORO — The Maine Dept. of Marine Resource has granted an experimental aquaculture lease in waters northeast of Flat Island on Islesboro for the cultivation of blue mussels. DMR granted the three-year lease to Islesboro Marine Enterprises on Jan. 17.

The company, which is based on Islesboro and owned by Josh Conover, will lease the waters from the State of Maine for $100 per acre, per year. The lease requires $5,000 be set aside in escrow.

The venture calls for a maximum of 12 mussel rafts, measuring 40-feet by 40-feet, to be arranged in three rows. From those rafts, 400 lines will suspend into the water, and on which the mussels will grow to market size.

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