BelGioioso Introduces New 4-Ounce Natural Cups
by BelGioioso Cheese
Posted: 2018-01-26 15:49:49 EST

(Green Bay, Wis.) – The latest innovation from BelGioioso Cheese is a collection of 4 ounce Natural Cups of Grated, Shredded and Shaved Parmesan, Shredded Four Cheeses blend of Asiago, Fontina, Parmesan, Mild Provolone and a three cheese Shaved Salad Blend of Asiago, Parmesan and Romano.  These cups contain only freshly grated, shredded or shaved cheeses, NO additives, NO fillers, No preservatives (no cellulose, no natamycin), just award winning cheeses.

Pack Sizes: 

  • 12/4 oz. cups Natural Grated Parmesan per case
  • 12/4 oz. cups Natural Shredded Parmesan per case
  • 12/4oz. cups Natural Shaved Parmesan per case
  • 12/4 oz. cups Natural Shredded Four Cheeses blend per case
  • 12/4 oz. cups Natural Shaved Salad Blend per case

Shelf Life:  90 Days

Suggested Retail Price:  $2.50 per package

Ingredients: Just 3 simple ingredients, milk, enzymes, salt – and nothing else.

Packed in unique, lightweight, re-sealable square cups for retailer shelf optimization.

BelGioioso Master Cheesemakers craft their award winning cheeses from fresh Wisconsin milk gathered daily from local farms.  Using traditional recipes, these cheeses are individually cared for and aged to develop a full, rich traditional flavor.

BelGioioso Cheese is a family-owned and operated company specializing in artisan Italian cheesemaking.  Using only natural ingredients and fresh, local Wisconsin milk, Master Cheesemakers hand-craft a full line of exceptional cheeses guided by a commitment to quality and a respect for tradition.  At BelGioioso, every cheese is a specialty.

Source: BelGioioso Cheese