Wilson Produce Completed A 3 Year Transitional Period To A 100% Organic Production
by Wilson Produce
Posted: 2018-01-31 09:32:43 EST

Wilson Produce, fourth-generation grower-packer-shipper of fresh fruits and vegetables from Mexico located in Nogales, AZ, successfully completes the required three-year transition to 100% USDA certified organic at their family-farm in Bamoa, Sinaloa, Mexico.

“We are ecstatic,” says Alicia Martin, co-CEO of Wilson Produce. “The whole team from Production to Sales has come together to make this possible.”

“This really has been an investment in our soil,” adds Chris Martin, co-CEO, “Our transition away from conventional practices really began about seven years ago.”

From a competitive standpoint, with the recent national organic standards board (NOSB) decision to officially include hydroponics in the National Organic Plan, the timing of required three-year transition of organic soil is very important.

“Our use of cover crops, companion crops and compost have all enhanced the quality of our soil, the quality of our products, and have made this challenging transition possible,” says James Martin, Director of Sustainability. “An important milestone in our sustainability strategy has been achieved today.”

About Wilson Produce

Wilson Produce is a leader in sustainable practices within the fresh produce industry, having been recognized both as Arizona’s Greenest Workplace as well as the Best Renewable Energy Collaboration in Mexico for the work they have done in developing solar photovoltaics (PV) within the fresh produce industry.


Source: Wilson Produce