Castella Imports Introduces 400gr Feta Tub
by Castella
Posted: 2018-02-01 15:53:29 EST

With centuries of experience in production, Greece is one of the largest producers of quality cheese worldwide. Serving as one of the most popular Greek cheeses, our traditional Greek Feta is soft and salty with an authentic and delicious taste. This cheese is perfect for crumbling over salads, adding to pasta or serving with wine. It also pairs well with lamb, poultry, beans and rice.

About Castella

Castella is one of the largest importers and manufacturers of specialty foods in the United States. Since 1992, Castella has successfully partnered with the world’s best growers in the Mediterranean and beyond to ensure its tradition of quality, freshness and variety in its product offerings. Its extensive product line includes antipasto, cheeses, olives, oils and spices, to name a few. Castella offers the highest quality products at the best value possible. Leading the field in competitive pricing, exceptional service and guaranteed quality gives Castella an advantage over competitors.

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