BC Tree Fruits Ambrosia Apples Are All Bagged Up And Ready For Mid-Winter Promotions
by BC Tree Fruits Cooperative
Posted: 2018-02-02 09:10:43 EST

KELOWNA, BC – With the calendar recently flipping over to 2018, Ambrosia apples from British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, the birthplace of the variety, are gaining sharp traction in the marketplace. This recently re-branded variety from BC Tree Fruits Cooperative (BCTF) saw significant growth in brand awareness and movement last fall, and anticipates accelerated growth across U.S. markets through the winter and spring seasons.

To help retailers display and promote this popular and premium variety, BCTF developed a new 2-pound (2 lbs.) high graphic pouch bag. With the amount of premium apple varieties sold in fixed weight packages increasing in the marketplace over 15% this year, BCTF is excited to bring Ambrosia in this preferred package option to U.S. customers.

Other new promotional materials, including tote bags and display bins, are available to draw even more shopper attention at retail.

“With the growth we anticipate for this variety, we are excited to develop new markets and new tools for U.S. retailers to promote and ultimately drive strong Ambrosia apple momentum,” says Chris Pollock, marketing manager for BCTF. “Sales of this variety have increased almost 40% over the last two years as consumers continue to seek it out. We are thrilled for the future of our grower’s Ambrosia apples, home of the original.”

BCTF’s Ambrosia harvest occurs in early October, with this year’s crop yielding over 600,000 cartons. With volumes expecting to surpass 1 million cartons over the next 5-7 years, BCTF is committed to the growth of this variety and are excited to share Ambrosia apples, grown in the birthplace of the variety, with consumers across Canada, the United States and other export markets.

Ambrosia apples from BCTF will be available in the U.S. from marketing partner Oppy through late May.


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Source: BC Tree Fruits Cooperative