These Will Be The Hottest Food Trends Of 2018
by Jeanette Settembre, New York Post
Posted: 2018-02-02 15:45:40 EST

People are dining out for healthier food.

Jackfruit, coconut and charcoal are among the top-selling menu items of the year, according to new data from restaurant management platform Upserve’s State of the Restaurant Industry Report for 2018.

The report analyzed 29 menu items predicted to be hot and charted their sales performance between 2015 and 2017, to help guide chefs on what to keep cooking up. The sales data was collected from 3,000 restaurants across the US and revealed some interesting food extremes — clean eats and meaty marvels like brisket, tacos and charcuterie are both trending up.

“We have this rise of health food, vegetarianism and veganism taking a hold at restaurants, but then you have this opposite reaction of people embracing the meat-eating side,” Jesse Noyes, senior director of marketing at Upserve, tells Moneyish.

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