Nurseries In Florida Are Selling All Of The Tropical Plants They Can Grow
by John DeGroot, The Observer
Posted: 2018-02-06 15:57:13 EST

The surge in popularity of tropical plants is suiting the Florida growers just fine, thank you very much. So strong is the surge that growers are increasingly unable to fill orders, prices are edging upwards and growers are scrambling to increase production.

A decade ago, when the American economy went for a tailspin, the tropical plant industry followed suit and Florida growers couldn’t sell all they grew. Other factors played a role as well, including the notion that silk plants were still quite in vogue.

Thankfully, consumers finally ditched their dusty fake plants and their love affair with tropical plants blossomed again. The American public is now appreciating tropical plants like never before. Tropical plants bring life and love into a home, and are especially appreciated through the dreary months of November to March.

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