Bub And Grandma's Bakery Takes Over Big New Silver Lake Wholesale Site
by Farley Elliott, Eater Los Angeles
Posted: 2018-02-09 15:56:48 EST

One of the city’s best bread-making operations is jumping into a new wholesale space, as Bub and Grandma’s takes over an existing commercial bakery on Riverside Drive at the edge of Silver Lake and Frogtown. Owner Andy Kadin says the expansion will increase the company’s square footage tenfold overnight, and allow them to quickly begin servicing some of the dozens of accounts that they’ve been holding on waitlists up until now.

Bub and Grandma’s is LA’s current bread darling, an artisan operation that cranks out some of the best loaves around. Their work is featured prominently on many of the city’s most recognizable restaurant menus, from Sqirl to Mozza to Wax Paper, while fans crowd the Hollywood Farmers Market for take-home loaves to boot.

Bub and Grandma’s takes over an unassuming two-story space on Riverside Drive, right around the corner from Salazar and Zebulon. It’s the former home of fellow LA wholesale brand Sweet Lady Jane, and at 6,000 square feet (up from B&G’s previously minuscule 600 sq. ft.) it should enable Kadin and his team to immediately increase their output fivefold.

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