Expanding Spanish Dairy Industry Looks For Greater Internationalization Through Alimentaria 2018
by Alimentaria
Posted: 2018-02-12 15:27:58 EST

As Spain is the seventh largest producer of dairy based produce in the world and with the sector constituting 2% of Spain’s industrial output each year, it is inevitable that the dairy industry would have a substantial presence at Alimentaria 2018, through a dedicated area known as Interlact. Alimentaria 2018 is one of Europe’s biggest food, drinks and hospitality shows, held in Barcelona, Spain this April 16th-19th.

Cheese, one of Spain’s biggest exports

New technologies are changing the industry more than ever, with the Spanish National Federation of the Dairy Industry (SNFDI) saying that there has been a rise to 15% of total exports from Spain going to countries outside of the European Union. Such internationalisation is key to a market as large as the Spanish dairy market, which is among the biggest in the world with cheese products in particular constituting one of their biggest exports.

Each year in Spain, the dairy industry generates not only 6.5 million tonnes of produce each year, but also 13M EUR/£11M GBP/$US16M of trade, according to the SNFDI, giving it a key role in the food and drinks market in the country. Such an important sector generates 60,000 direct jobs from the trade, including representatives of 150 leading Spanish companies who will be present at Alimentaria 2018.

Alimentaria, an ideal platform

The presence of these producers at Alimentaria 2018 will take up an increased space at Interlact compared to previous years giving sufficient importance to such a crucial industry. That area will include milks, yoghurts, cheeses, butter, cream and dairy based desserts. More than 15,000 industry professionals are expected to visit the Interlact space, making it one of the biggest opportunities in the world for exhibiting companies. Over 600 hosted buyers from around the globe will travel to Alimentaria 2018 Show in Barcelona and are set to be looking for business meetings and searching for new providers.

For more information, please visit http://www.alimentaria-bcn.com/en/alimentaria-2018/interlact

Source: Alimentaria