Fresh Produce Stays Local At The New York Produce Show 2017
by Nancy Trent, Trent Trendspotter
Posted: 2018-02-13 09:13:18 EST

It’s not just locavores that are driving the interest in localized fresh produce. Weather and transportation regulations are playing a part in keeping food eaten within miles of where it’s grown. At least that was the sentiment at the NY Produce Show late last year where I got to meet up with growers from my hometown.

One of the growers I caught up with was Paulette Satur, Satur Farms, LLC. Satur looks forward to connecting with the farms customers at this annual event. Like most growers, Satur has deep ties to its local community and supports the locavore movement. “We believe that locally-grown produce will have an even greater impact in the coming years, particularly as growing conditions become very unreliable, with severe weather popping up everywhere, a strong local region gains in importance. Additionally, with new trucking regulations, transportation costs have skyrocketed, and all wholesalers, distributors, and retail markets are reviewing the (non)sense of trucking our food across the country” says Paulette.

Satur Farms is an artisanal producer best known for its arugula with a robust flavor that holds longer than other arugula, in part because it’s actually a “true roquette” grown from European seeds. They are vertically integrated and have their hands on all aspects of growing and production, from seed selection, to growing, to harvesting, to washing and packing — all is done by their own team. So many brands are purchase produce from other growers and the brand name gets put on it at the processers’ facilities.

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