Reunion Foods Takes On Agro-Business With Sustainable Practices & Communal Mentality
by Noah Klein, Westchester Magazine
Posted: 2018-02-13 15:30:44 EST

From the Paleo diet to “eating clean” to farm-to-table, today’s consumers are looking for ways to be healthier in a culture that often promotes unhealthful food choices. Irvington-based Reunion Foods is part of that mission. From its 1,200 square-foot office in the Bridge Street Campus, Reunion seeks to provide affordable, organic animal proteins that work to improve human wellness, promote animal welfare, and foster environmental sustainability.

Seth Mosner, founder and CEO of Reunion, says the company was officially founded in 2016, “but [Benjamin, Jessica, and I] have been working on the project for six years,” he adds, referring to his two cofounder siblings, who function as the company’s chief business development officer and chief marketing officer, respectively. Healthful food choices, personal wellness, and environmental sustainability are key components of the company — which sells to retail, food service, e-commerce, and manufacturing customers. “The brand,” Seth says, “is an extension of ourselves.”

Reunion Foods’ startup atmosphere and innovative, back-to-the-earth process for how they raise and select their organic beef, lamb, pork, and poultry feel very Millennial, just like much of their customer base. “Our steers eat real grasses, not grass pellets,” says Seth, referring to common practices of the agro-industrial complex.

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