New Chrysal Bag-In-Box Packaging With 70% Less Plastic
by Chrysal International
Posted: 2018-02-15 15:35:22 EST

Naarden - With our new Chrysal Professional 2 Bag-in-box you can take a small step to better care for our planet by simply nurturing your flowers with Chrysal. Our new Bag-in-box contains 70% less plastic than our blue containers. Not only is our new packaging ecologically friendly, it is also more user-friendly. The new Bag-in-box packaging is easy to separate and easy to dispose of; just press the plastic can together and put the carton in the paper bin.

Never more so than today has taking care of the environment been at the forefront of people’s minds. Demands for sustainable innovations are on the increase and products within the floristry industry are no exception. With our new Bag-in-box packaging florists can take an easy small step to better care for our planet by simply nurturing their flowers with Chrysal. The Chrysal Bag-in-box contains our well-known Chrysal Professional 2 however 70% less plastic than our standard blue containers. It consists of two parts; a soft plastic liner then fully branded cardboard protective carton. This makes the Chrysal Bag-in-box easy to separate and easy to dispose of.  Once empty simply compress the plastic lining and dispose of the cardboard carton in the relevant recycling bin.  Using Chrysal Professional 2 also reduces flower wastage by an average of 50% and reduces water use.

Chrysal Professional 2 is a conditioner to keep your flowers beautiful up to 50% longer versus water alone. Professional 2 contains just enough nutrients for the natural development of flowers whilst preventing them opening too soon. This way your customers can get the maximum enjoyment of their blooms. Professional 2 reduces wastage by an average of 50% and gives you a longer distribution and sales period. Did you know that you can re-use the solution up to 5 days? This means you don’t need to change the water and clean the buckets as frequently, saving you time and money.

Chrysal International

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Source: Chrysal International