SPUD.ca Launches Food-X Urban Delivery For Third-Party Grocers
by Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery Inc.
Posted: 2018-02-15 15:33:49 EST

VANCOUVER - Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery Inc. (SPUD) is pleased to announce the launch of Food-X Urban Delivery Inc. (Food-X), giving grocery retailers access to its industry-leading technology, warehousing, home delivery and food preparation platform.

Food-X, a wholly owned subsidiary of SPUD, is based on the same warehousing delivery platform that has been serving SPUD customers with local organic groceries for over 20 years. In addition to SPUD customers, Food-X will serve third-party grocers who want to leverage the platform and embrace the most environmentally friendly commercial food delivery service in Canada.

"Consumer demand for online grocery shopping is growing and that means more trucks on the road. That's a problem," said Peter van Stolk, CEO at SPUD. "We have built a best-in-class platform to get fresh food and groceries from the supplier to the kitchen while reducing waste, lowering emissions and supporting local vendors. Now we're offering those services through Food-X to other companies large and small, local and national. Our goal is to share our commitment to sustainability and support other retailers by leveraging our systems and best practices."

To accommodate this growth, Food-X will be housed in a new state-of-the-art 74,000 square-foot facility in Burnaby. The facility will open in summer 2018 and serve additional third-party grocers. SPUD will continue to operate its facility on East Hastings and SPUD customers will continue to benefit from a world class online grocery service.

Customers of third-party grocers will order groceries directly through the third-party's online channels. Food-X will serve as the warehouse and delivery platform. Third-party grocery partners will have to comply with Food-X's standards.

Food-X's focus on the environment includes:

  • Consolidating orders and increasing delivery density to reduce truck trips and lower GHG emissions
  • Industry leading food waste reduction technology and practices
  • Cutting edge organic waste processing bio digesters
  • Reduction of plastic added in warehouse, packing and delivery stages
  • Introduction of low-waste reusable and compostable packaging

Food-X is part of SPUD's integrated food business model that includes online retail, small store retail, commissary/food preparation services and distribution. Food-X will be seeking long-term partnerships with third-party grocers.

About SPUD
Founded in 1997 in Vancouver, Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery Inc. has expanded into one of the largest online grocery companies in Canada, employing over 600 people across all its markets delivering fresh, local, organic produce and groceries. With a mission of changing the world one bite at a time and passion for a sustainable food system, SPUD's goal is to use its connection to local and organic food to help improve the places where we live and work. From this vision, Be Fresh Local Market was proudly cultivated by SPUD, with the first store opening in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood in 2015. Be Fresh currently serves five local communities in Vancouver. In 2017, Blush Lane Organic Market joined the SPUD family supporting Edmonton and Calgary across five locations. SPUD is a leader in Western Canada's local and organic food movement. For more information, visit www.spud.ca

Source: Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery Inc.