Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winners 2019
by Fleuroselect
Posted: 2018-02-20 15:37:56 EST

Fleuroselect is proud to present the 2019 Gold Medal winners. Each one of these breeding breakthroughs obtained an outstanding score on innovation, beauty and garden performance, convincing our judges and Entries & Evaluation Committee to award the coveted Gold Medal. 

Begonia semperflorens F1 Fiona Red

Breeder: Takii, Japan

Begonia semperflorens F1 Fiona Red is a powerful colour blast in gardens or landscapes but also in containers. This semi-double type presents strong, upright blooming flowers in radiant red. Fiona Red is self-cleaning and provides continuous colour throughout the summer until the first frost. The plants are characterised by a high degree of uniformity and early flowering, enabling easy production. The attractive flower shape and vibrant colour encourage impulse purchases. An excellent garden performance, long flowering window and nicely filled, large flowers will make Fiona beloved by everyone.

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