Nurture Ranch Traceable 100% Grass-Fed Beef Named An Award Finalist
by Nurture Ranch
Posted: 2018-02-22 15:57:23 EST

FRISCO, Texas -- Nurture Ranch today announced that it is a finalist in the NEXTY Awards, which recognize the most progressive, innovative, inspiring and trustworthy products in the natural products industry. Nurture Ranch produces 100% grass-fed beef raised in the tall lush dells of East Texas without antibiotics, hormones or grain.  Each Nurture Steer™ is traceable from birth to harvest through  Nurture Tracker, a technology that individually monitors and tracks each steer throughout the nurturing and harvest process. No two steers are ever co-mingled in pack, including hamburger, hot dogs and sausage.

"Our mission is: better nutrition with exquisite taste, tenderness and transparency. We are thrilled to be recognized by the coveted NEXTY Awards for our marrying of digital technology and old-school ranching to fulfill on that mission," said Rodney Mason, Nurture Ranch CEO.

Nurture Ranch is a finalist in the Best New Transparently Sourced Product category of the NEXTY Awards, which recognize products that display exemplary standards, innovation or traceability through supply chain. The awards are managed by New Hope Network, and winners will be announced at 2018 Natural Products Expo West , taking place in Anaheim, March 7-12. Nurture Ranch will be exhibiting Friday March 9-11 at booth #8613 at the Anaheim Convention Center Level 300.

Nurture Ranch partners with 5th generation ranchers to implement a proprietary nurturing process that raises healthy, happy Black Angus cattle on nutrient-rich grasses that naturally yield the highest caloric intake without upsetting the cattle's stomachs. Its products are sold directly to consumers through Amazon Fresh and to finer restaurants and institutions across the US.

About Nurture Ranch

Nurture Ranch partners with restaurants, retailers & meal kits at the pinnacle of quality in their respective categories to provide traceable, 100 % grass-fed beef. Nurture Ranch beef is nurtured in tall, lush dells without grain, antibiotics or hormones. It boasts the Super 7 Difference™ that makes its beef Better in 12 Ways®than traditional beef, and is certified by the American Grassfed Association.

Source: Nurture Ranch