AIB International: 4 Smart Ways To Keep Tortillas From Sticking Together
by AIB International
Posted: 2018-02-26 15:51:28 EST

Of all potential tortilla defects, a primary complaint is tortillas sticking in the bag. When tortillas stick together, it’s almost impossible to use the product. The solution isn’t a complicated technique or a hard-to-find ingredient, it’s foundational steps when producing and packing tortillas. Here are four smart ways to keep your tortillas from sticking.

Ingredient Quality

The first way to avoid sticking is through the quality of ingredients. Always review ingredient quality and test before production. Flour strength affects sticking. The stronger the flour the higher the protein and resistance to extension. A weak flour is the same as poor gluten quality, and translates into poor dough, weak baked film formation, and poor resistance to compression. Always use a good quality bread flour when producing tortillas.

Another ingredient to review before production begins is the amount of fat included in the tortilla formula. As the fat percentage increases, protein is diluted and equivalent to low gluten. Liquid oils can enhance the surface adhesion and sticking between layers.

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