JOH's Jane Legere Honored With The 2017 Harry O’Hare Award
by JOH
Posted: 2018-02-27 15:26:30 EST

Billerica, MA – JOH presented the prestigious Harry O’Hare Award for 2017 to Jane Legere, JOH Office Manager/Administrative Assistant.

The award is presented to the person who most exemplifies the qualities and values of the life and career of Harry O’Hare. Mr. O’Hare’s personal and professional legacies are filled with hard work, integrity, passion, a positive attitude and team spirit.

“Jane Legere is one of the most special Harry O’Hare Award winners to date.  For starters, Jane has been at JOH for 45 years!  That is astounding in and of itself,” said John Saidnawey, JOH Chairman and CEO. “She possesses so many qualities that made her an easy choice for this prestigious award.”

“Jane’s positive attitude and focused commitment centered on taking care of our clients and customers,” said Matt O’Hare, JOH President and COO. “The 2017 Harry O’Hare Award punctuates her amazing career at JOH. It has been a privilege to work with her and she will be missed by all.”

Past HOH Award recipients include Bruce Sugden, Melissa Passalaqua, Jerry Larsson, Dan Matrazzo, Mike Clark, Dan Fazio, Gary Rosenthal, Carl Annese, Kathy Ascolillo, Ken Black, Debbie Bionelli and Bob Trumbour.

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